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If you can’t quite believe it, but want to buy an OTEC system,  you can join our crowdfund.

If you think you can’t afford a OTEC system, or, are not willing manage the risk, you can join our crowd.

Help us put new-otec beyond doubt for a low cost and risk. 

You can then buy a guaranteed OTEC system, with a lease and even save up to 75% from year 1.

You can advertise here as an incentive to help us, be seen to care.

Just one pair of 60 cm hoses and our pump and you have a 180 kw OTEC system. 24-7 zero fuel cost. These heat exchangers are practically identical in appearance to our new-otec unit.  Your brand next to our first completed unit?


Just one pair of hoses twice this width for 200 kw – 200 people. Comparable with 5 acers of solar PV.

Spreading the risk and cost of the development process 

Step 1.  Pool resources – lower risk – the result? 100% bankable products.  If individuals can’t be found to buy units outright – this fund may pool resources – lowering the risk for everyone – brands may even advertise within the same process – people can win money, lend money, buy shares, or simply make a pledge. – People with no money at all can participate by performing social media functions, they can win cash prizes.

Step 2.  Big buzz with corporate sized marketing budgets – Multi MW OTEC – Lending offers – share offers – cash prizes –

Step 3.  Combine institutional investment with crowdfunds – targeting key OTEC regions – Very large marketing budgets – Lending offers – share offers – cash prizes – Step 3 can be repeated indefinitely.

Step 4.  A charitable crowdfund can remain open for any locations left out of the loop, as the industries mature.

Types of crowdfund

·   Lending crowdfunds may grant all OTEC installations low cost finance and lenders returns at least competitive with other markets such as: buy to let, ISA, and, typical savings accounts.

·   Equity crowdfunds offer the people, the opportunity to own shares, on a transparent platform.

·   Game, cash prize and free to enter, incentive sites, offer: fun, excitement, rewards and marketing opportunities for the site-host and corporate third parties.  Science, brand, and insurable proven technology grant a sure-fire investment. 

·   The more the interesting the site is to people, the more interesting it will be to companies looking to advertise – advertising incentives with their higher costs than simple pledges improve the chances of winning our cash prizes –

·   The funds may be combined with great effect.


You can enquire about leasing and retail on our sister sites.

You can fund your own NEW-OTEC or NEW-SWAC system here., can allow users to create their own crowdfunding projects.  It will just take a few simple steps.

1.    User registers using the tab in the top right of the page and fills in their account information. Their profile photo will be pulled from

2.    The user enables creator permissions. This can be done automatically on registration they can check a checkbox on their account page.

3.    Once this is enabled, the user can then access a tab called ‘My Projects’ on their dashboard and will be able to create a new project from there.

4.    Once they’ve submitted the project, it will need to be approved by an admin. Once approved, users can start sharing the link and raising funds.


Are you a research group or university, would you like to raise funds for a research project in a particular area, such as corrosion?  You too can raise funds on this site.

We can help you get the funding you want.

Be sure to get in touch, so we can work on this together.