OTEC has fantastic pre-existing qualities, and advantages.

Our unit will look just like this.  The unit is 5 times more productive and 1000 times more space efficient than solar PV.  New-otec is existing technology in a new application, one of the main reasons why OTEC is such an exciting prospect.

The resource is simply very warm, and very cold sea water.  It is naturally available all year round, day, and night.  The net result?

  • 24-7 clean energy.
  • No fuel cost.


OTEC is suitable for all of the worlds continents.  Europe and Canada are the only countries far away from the OTEC resource, but they are in long range transmission distance.  The resource is very large, apparently it is large enough to provide power to every person on earth.

Production advantages

  • Low space requirement.
  • OTEC uses mainstream equipment.
  • OTEC heat exchangers can be made in ordinary buildings like farms.
  • OTEC does not require massive factories or specialist equipment.
  • The design, manufacture and installation of OTEC would only require traditional practices.
  • No new technology must be developed.

Why new-otec?

New-otec is simply replacing pipes with hoses and a turbine driven pump.

The turbine driven pump is low cost, easy to demonstrate, design and maintain with an optimal service life due to the number of, and simplicity of the parts.

Hoses are far easier to demonstrate and install.  We have already mock installed commercial scale hoses on scale large enough to provide $millions in savings.  This is what makes the use of this approach attractive to us as a company.  We were also granted the patent in the UK and it is pending in the USA, and India.  UK patent rights can be extended to many of the best locations in the world for OTEC such as the Cayman islands, Fiji, British Virgin islands, Zanzibar, and Jamaica.

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