Continental OTEC


Our continental compatible new-otec design intentionally avoids many traditional problems for OTEC companies attempting to go offshore.  The main one being the need for an offshore floating platform which makes up 50 % of the traditional offshore OTEC cost.  We have designed an entire product range, which can easily be scaled up from just a single unit, all the way up to hundreds of units in one group.  This is great because the large platforms use the same power unit, and can use hundreds of power units.  We just need to go through the motions and we could be selling these things!

Why are we excited about the platforms?

The continental offshore OTEC industry is worth trillions of pounds.
Every continent, including Europe is in range of OTEC.
The OTEC resource is vast, apparently large enough to provide power to every person on Earth.

We would like to think that this design will be unrivalled as there is no offshore floating platform, no lifting of water in air and no rigid pipe.

Furthermore, there may not even be a requirement for an expensive mooring because the platforms are submerged at a depth where even storm waves would do little more than massage the upper side of the platform.  For a complete picture please visit –

We are working with industry leading experts to develop this technology.  In their world the entire invention is a foregone conclusion.  We need to convince investors and buyers.  We completed a feasibility study with Cruz-Atcheson with great results, and are now looking for funding to continue the work.  We found that new-otec platforms can follow oil and gas marine standards.  This is great news for us as the design of the platform will be straight forward and standardised so it oughtn’t be too expensive.  We need £30k to complete the design work with Cruz-Atcheson.  You can see an excerpt from the standards review below.

There is one problem – how big is the OTEC unit?

We have a fairly good idea but we are not 100% certain, or if we are sure of the size, we are unsure of the exact power.  How can we sell this to investors?

It is also true that we do not need to.  There are plenty of customers for a high value business without making these platforms.

What can we do?

Traditionally the way to do this is to break the project down into stages for example;

  1. Complete the new pump and turbine and demonstrate that it is a lower cost solution.
  2. Sell the pump and hoses to an end user who can use it to make desalinated water, bottled water or cool their building.
  3. Look for customers who can use a single unit or a few of them.  There are hundreds of resorts and utilities who fit the bill.
  4. Design and build the OTEC unit.
  5. Install it – what is the exact size?
  6. Complete the Cruz Atcheson design work.
  7. Make offshore-OTEC a reality.

Where are we now, what has been completed ?

  1. Commercial pump design underway.
  2. Mailing list, Twitter and Facebook following growing.
  3. Basic hose and pump feasibility studies successful including field tests in the sea.
  4. Positive feedback from professionals received regarding the use of hoses.
  5. Basic OTEC feasibility studies and cost analysis completed – ( Very promising)
  6. New-otec platform standards review completed.
  7. Industry experts sourced.
  8. Initial outreach yielded interested potential customers with prior knowledge of OTEC and SWAC.

What next?

  1. Complete the pump design
  2. Demonstrate the low cost potential further.
  3. Find end users, sell products, whether it is a just a pump, or a complete OTEC unit.
  4. Raise funds for the OTEC unit.
  5. … etc.

Is there anything else to get excited about?


  1. Desalination is already possible and desalination units are ready for sale.  These are tried tested and on sale.  Therefore we only need to complete the pump successfully to really impact this industry.
  2. The Offshore OTEC unit on our main site is extremely versatile, with a very large number of end users.  That OTEC works is a fact, all we need to do is complete our pump.  A dummy single offshore unit could be installed without the OTEC unit contents.  This dummy unit would be very low cost and would resolve the demonstration and proof issues associated with traditional OTEC. 
  3. We are offering people the chance to buy shares or lend us money.  If they lend us money they can invest tiny amounts, and they can instantly give it to someone as a present, with no fuss.

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