VISIT AN OTEC COUNTRY – Transform Caribbean and Pacific island economies.

Bringing low cost green electricity, drinking water and cooling to Caribbean and Pacific islands.

Enhancing the viability of crowdfunds due to the local relevance.

Visiting OTEC countries is likely to be a valuable exercise.

The power of immediate relevance will prevail.

Pacific and Caribbean islands have the most to gain from our success.

Get us meeting with people who are most likely to pledge, buy from us or start their own crowdfunds on this site.

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Visit an OTEC country – what is an ‘OTEC’ country?

Caribbean and Pacific islands, import fossil fuels. Importing fuels is expensive. Caribbean and Pacific islands pay up to 40 pence per kw/hr, compared with 10 pence in the UK. These energy prices must keep many in abject poverty.

These islands have warm and cold sea water in abundance. OTEC runs on warm and cold sea water. OTEC is a process which produces electricity. It has no fuel cost. SWAC is a process which uses cold sea water to cool buildings, rather than use electricity. OTEC and SWAC are proven technologies. They are working around the world. The parts for OTEC are already mass produced so it could be commercialised rapidly. Much faster than solar and wind power.

UPDATE – 12-05-17


NEW TEAM MEMBER – some good news.

In just one week our new team member with the right marketing tools has found a dozen interested resorts all suffering from high energy prices and all dying to find a solution.

Next we either get letters of intent or prove we need to build a working unit, either way we may need to raise funds from the crowd.


OTEC runs on warm and cold sea water. OTEC has no fuel cost: the parts are cheap.

NEW-OTEC may transform the economies of Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

People in the Caribbean and Pacific have the most to gain from our success and there is nothing like face to face sales.

  • OTEC and SWAC is most suitable in the Caribbean and Pacific regions.
  • Energy prices are four times normal UK prices in these regions.
  • These nations are crippled economically by the high prices.
  • UK household energy price, 10 pence per kw/hr
  • Caribbean price, 40 pence per kw/hr.

We can interest influential people.  

There are also many wealthy people and organisations in these regions, who would love to save money.  With OTEC and SWAC they certainly can as the fuel cost is eliminated.

We can encourage Caribbean and Pacific communities to launch their own crowdfunds.

We don’t have time to be in all places at once – we can encourage people local to the OTEC resource to use this site to launch their own crowdfunds.

What is in it for you?

  • Get a like, a mention and a follow etc. from us…
  • We are full time on social media – we are using all the tools – we can easily add your company into posts – blogs – video – etc.
  • Receive a signed postcard from us on our travels, these will be a one of a kind so hang onto it. Hopefully these will be valuable one day.
  • Get your small or large company, promoted on our travel video and blog.
  • Get your small or large company promoted online, on our twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Be seen to support good causes and that you support green ventures and have an interest in the common good.
  • This round is a non-prize fund for anyone who does not like that idea.

In a rush?  Make a quick pledge here –

Transform economies!

This is no ordinary business.

OTEC and SWAC can transform the economies of a dozen small countries, perhaps 30 million people would be economically better off with new-otec and new-swac.

Due to the local relevance of OTEC and high energy prices, the Caribbean will be a great place to crowdfund.



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