Let's power the world...

5 times more productive than solar PV.

1000 times more space efficient.

Join the revolution -

All for OTEC and OTEC for all!

Buy our research and business plan here.

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You can purchase our business plan and research here.  You will find our business plan and research for sale at the bottom of the page if you are on a phone.

You are welcome to click on these pdf’s for more detail on the technology.

The technology


Installation and O and M

You can become a member here and benefit from all kinds of great offers – including – free entry into the prize draws – worth £100 – and a free £50 pledge on lend us money – worth up to £1600!

Membership costs £10 per month –

Plus –

A sense of things to come…

More lending – more prize draws- more marketing opportunities – In the future we hope to really draw the attention of allot of people!  Join in and you can enjoy the fact that you helped to get us there.

One day these could be OTEC systems. 1000 times more space efficient than solar PV and five times more productive.

Join our crowd.

Become an OTEC’eer

Profit from our success.

Help us save the world.

In a room this size we can make enough heat exchangers for a billion £ company.

Our onshore OTEC systems could look just like this. Just 500 meters of beach front to provide power to the whole Cayman islands.

Vast arrays of OTEC systems. Elegant and economical. Suitable for continents. 5 times more productive than solar PV. 1000 times more space efficient.

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