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If you buy one of our crowd lending tickets, and pass it on as a gift, the recipient can enjoy the excitement of a future capital gain......

The better we do, the more money the owner of the ticket can make, so owning a ticket will be exciting, and it will help with the effort to slow climate change...


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Launch postponed.  Please sign up if you are interested.

Make up to 12 times your investment!

Please watch our crowd-lending video above.

You can invest discreetly through our main site – Launched –


We want to borrow £50,000 – (FIFTY-THOUSAND) – over the course of 2018 from the crowd using our own platform;

We will pay out 12 times invested sum when we reach £3million net profit.

The cover image is a cut-away of one of our continental OTEC platforms, it could generate £10 million + per annum.

Long term, single units could be sold in their millions around the world.

It’s possible for you to earn a commission if you can make sales for us.

The image below describes our innovation.

The image below shows the equipment we want to buy and how we would use it to make OTEC electricity.

These units are for sale on our website www.new-otec.com .  Each unit can produce £130k per annum electricity and save Caribbean and Pacific islands 75% on existing fossil fuel prices.

Alternatively, £130k could be charged to and end user such as a Hotel in Bora bora, and they could save 75% on their energy bills where fossil fuels have been imported.

We expect retail prices per unit would be in the region of £500k – £800k, depending on where the unit was installed, the exact size and number bought and any additional work required.

We will start with £5000 before Christmas 2017.

Success would allow us to demonstrate beyond doubt the potential of our new delivery method.

We will develop our technical IP., For example, we want to complete the design of a heat exchanger pressure vessel, which is a really simple exercise.

We would also build a CRM, a lead data base of customers, and scale our viral email collecting for crowdfunding.

Lastly we will use funds to maintain our existing extensive IP portfolio, presently our greatest asset.

We want to borrow £50,000 using a success based lending model.

This means that the better we do the better you do.  You can make a maximum of 12 times your investment.

Since we are a company who is intent on making allot of money it does not seem right to ask for charity where we don’t need it.  We don’t have a small, appealing product which can be used by individuals.  We don’t want to sell under-priced shares.  We cant yet borrow from banks, and pay ordinary interest.  This makes crowdfunding tricky.

This business opportunity is a classic high risk investment for investors so the return to investors must be greater than normal, so as to balance risk vs. reward.

So we have to make an generous enough to appeal to investors, and we need it to suit us too.

The following info graphic shows one of the simplest ways to use deep ocean water;  Sea water air conditioning uses deep sea cold water to cool buildings.

How do we plan to make money?

  1. WordAds. !!! –  LOL.  – Cleantech. Climate change etc. has a rampant following – site visits and free press is amazingly easy to come by.
  2. Patent licencing – Our patent portfolio both granted, and pending, stretches all the way around the world from the UK – to the USA, Philippines, and Australia.  We also have the opportunity to extend UK patent right to many overseas territories such as the Cayman Islands, the BVI., Jamaica, Barbados, Fiji, Zanzibar, Sierra Leone etc.   USA patent rights extend to Puerto Rico and Guam.
  3. We plan to sell OTEC and SWAC units to customers around the world.
  4. We are considering selling electricity to national grids.
  5. Our offshore NEW-OTEC platforms could provide Giga-watts of electricity to many of the worlds continents.  1 giga watt is worth £ billions!

Why are we excited?

We only need £250- £600k plus, and minus grants to prove our power unit works.  This is not allot of money for such an opportunity.  When demonstrate the unit, our continental scale platforms would be bankable like large scale offshore wind turbines.  We could actually sell £100 million NEW-OTEC platforms!

In the meantime we can sell single units, and groups of small units to end users. – Each unit can produce £130k per annum, in revenues and save the Caribbean 75% on energy expenses.

We could sell thousands of single OTEC units.  There are so many customers out there!

We could install our own units and sell the electricity they produce to the grid.  Each unit would produce £130k in revenues, and would save the utility 75% compared with their fossil fuel expenses.

We can also sell SWAC – Sea water air conditioning.  This technology is very simple.  It just uses cold water to cool air.  SWAC can offer end users 90% savings on electricity expenses.  SWAC also works as far north as Canada.

Grants – Rebates –

Up to 30 % R and D rebates are available from the UK government.

50% match funding is available from several sources – Jim Oswald is an expert at attaining funding.

VAT rebates are possible so long as we are not trading.

Once we raise a decent sum of money – it will go for miles  !!!

What next?

We are in the process of building a massive data base of potential customers and useful contacts.

We are going to need money to mange the CRM and outreach.

We expect this will cost £5000.

Could you help us?

Can you lend us £30-£100?

If you are interested please use the contact form below or contact us through the Blue Drift chat box.

Get a free £10 pledge if you become a product tester –  http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/new-otec-news-guinei-pig/

If you make a £10 pledge now, we will send you the card, if you review it, and leave a comment, or take a photo, write a testimonial etc.   We will refund you the £10, but you can keep the card.  The card will be worth up to £120 later.

About our early bird offer. 

  • Basically, if we do ok, lenders do ok. –
  • If we make a tonne of money, lenders make a tonne of money.
  • We have terms and conditions, and a company number, so our offer is legally binding once we send you the postcard-coupon.

Limited offer.

If you make a pledge, you can buy into the following offer;

 If we generate:

  • £300k net profit – we’ll pay you 1.1 x what you paid.
  • £500k net profit – we’ll pay you 2 x what you paid.
  • £1 million net profit – we’ll pay you 4 x what you paid.
  • £1.5 million net profit – we’ll pay you 8 x what you paid.
  • £3million net profit – we’ll pay you 12 x what you paid. 

The terms are as follows.

  1. Lend us money –
  2. You receive the postcard coupon –
  3. Time passes – We make (£-X) profit –
  4. You return the coupon –
  5. You are paid your return you are due according to the offer.

Why lend money?

  • We are looking to create incentives to get people interested, after all this is a crowdfund.
  • What could be better than a transparent and generous capital gain?
  • If you lend us money, the exit is simple and easy to arrange.
  • You can even make your investment an exciting gift for someone else.
  • You can exit when you want, and you can know how much money you can make. 
  • The same is not true of owning shares where you can be diluted.

What are you going to do?

The funds will be used to create solid foundations.

For example;

  1. A public following.
  2. Customer leads.
  3. Marketing materials.
  4. Technical demonstrations.
  5. Expert design assistance.

Once this is completed we will start raising funds for the first small scale, OTEC unit.

We will showcase developments to make an interesting experience.

Using social media and our websites we will broadcast development so you can see how we are getting on.

If you are not sure about the offer or the rules, you are welcome to help us define them better. 

This offer is essentially a prototype – you can help us raise the ‘TRL’ level of this offer with your input.

We can reward you with free pledges.

Have you got a suggestion?  You can use the form below to let us know.

What are the funds for can a crowd-funder have a say in what we do? 

All the basic things a Start-up needs; product development, testing, marketing, etc.

If you pledge you are welcome to let us know what you would like your funds to be spent on.

Return on investment.

Apparently, traditional investors look for investments that can make them 10 times their invested sum in 10 years, we’re offering 12.

Get a free £10 pledge if you become a product tester –   http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/new-otec-news-guinei-pig/

Please contact us on the form below if you have any questions or comments.

You can view a full explanation of our offer here; Lend us money – Capital at risk.

Risk Warning

Investing in early stage companies involves risk – It is possible you could lose your investment.  Companies may fail due to lack of funding.  Do not spend more than you can afford to  lose.  We can’t say how long it will take us to reach the targets.

Risk Warning  —

Investing in early stage companies involves risk – It is possible you could lose your investment.  Companies may fail due to lack of funding.  Do not spend more than you can afford to lose.


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