1-1.1 to 1-32 returns

Put as little as £5 a month towards the new-otec cause - make up to £320 for every £10 pledged.

We have already interested enough customers to be paying out x 32 returns.

These sums of money are not allot in our line of business, why not take advantage?

Can you help us put an end to the widespread use of fossil fuels.

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We need working capital.

Here be a limited offer, it’s the same offer as we make here –  http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/lend-us-money/

We are asking you to lend us money.  We offer high returns in return for a soft loan.  At the moment we really want some working capital. 1. To finish our commercial scale pump. 2.  To make some general investments like patent applications existing and future.

If you are inclined to lend us more, we can offer you a contract.  We offer high returns in return for soft loan.  The advantage of lending us money according to this offer is that you can have a clear idea of the return you can make and we offer a clear and simple exit.

This is not a crowdfund as such – we are simply creating a facility for people to lend us money.  Our crowdfund pages are a good way of explaining what we want to do.

Here we offer monthly subscriptions.  Put £10 a month into this for 10 months – make £3200 when we reach the target stated below.

The long and the short of this offer is, if we do ok – lenders do ok – if we do great – lenders do great – just like shares –

There are advantages over shares, like a simple exit and we don’t want to sell small amounts of shares to people.

We need only get the business off the ground (revenue generating) for lenders to at least get their money back –

Start with a small investment – build trust – invest more later –

Have you seen our brochure?

Brochure – 2017

Limited offer.

If you make a pledge, we agree to sell you the following offer.

If we, RE systems ltd. generate:

£550k net profit – we agree to pay you 1.1 x what you paid.

£600k net profit – we agree to pay you 1.2 x what you paid.

£700k net profit – we agree to pay you 1.5 x what you paid.

£1million net profit – we agree to pay you 2 x what you paid.

£2 million net profit – we agree to pay you 4 x what you paid.

£4 million net profit – we agree to pay you 8 x what you paid.

£8 million net profit – we agree to pay you 16 x what you paid.

£16 million net profit – we agree to pay you 32 x what you paid.

The terms are as follows.

  1. Lend us money – 2. We send you a postcard coupon with the offer details on the back so you have a record of what you bought and the terms on which you bought it.  3. Later, whenever is best for you, you return the coupon and we pay you according to the offer above.  Returning the coupon creates an occasion for repaying the loan.  The longer you wait to cash in, the greater your return.  It is up to you, not us, when you return the coupon.  The amount of money you are repaid according to the offer above.

Send us the card.  We pay you the return you are owed.  It’s that simple.

Why are you doing this?  

We are looking for alternative sources of funding, long and short term.  If we can build a reputation with the crowd, it may pay dividends later – we don’t have merchandise – we are not a charity – we love the idea of making people lots of money.

What are you using the money for?

Working capital – anything you can find on this site – marketing – pump production – design work – Hardware – Land purchase – order fulfilment –  etc.

We need a maximum of £500k to produce our bankable unit as little as £275k.

Please don’t leave if you are interested, but wary because of the lack of pledges.

You are welcome to contact us on the website through the comments page.  We can contact you when we have more people interested.  You can say – ‘Contact us when you have 100 email address – ‘.  You can contact us through the contact us link at the bottom of the page.  We are based in based in Hove, Sussex, UK and are dropping flyers in the area at the moment.  (20.6.17).

What next?  Our super loan offers will continue but the returns will be lower!

If we can sell this lot – we will try to raise £500k –

Rates – 1-1.1 min., to 1-10 max.

Terms – A lender of £500k would make £5million when we make £25 million net profit.

A lender would start making a profit when we reach £2.5 million net profit or above.

We don’t need any more than one customer to reach £2.5 million.

Our list of interested leads exceeds £2.5 million, we hope to convert these to letter of intent imminently.

Contact us to get on the mailing list – we can update you with news on numbers of interested ‘crowdfunders’.


Do you have a mailing list we could buy off you or would you even give it to us? 

Make a pledge – get in touch with us – if you leave us with a mailing list of 200+ emails we can double the size of your pledge.  Up to £100.

Risk warning:

Investing in early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.  Our offers are targeted exclusively at sophisticated investors who understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.

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