Commercial scale hoses have been deployed successfully and a small scale turbine and pump worked perfectly.

We have interested our primary customer and anticipate that we will have letters of intent in due course.

We want to make it clear our technology is viable - 100 %

Building this pump would put any doubts to rest.

We know we can install commercial scale hoses, we know the pump works.

Nevertheless it is likley a working pump and hose demonstration on commercial scales will increase the number of customers we can interest.

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Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) 

OTEC uses warm and cold sea water to produce electricity- like a steam engine /turbine.

It runs on warm water at surface and cold water, located deep below the surface where there is no light.

OTEC can transform Caribbean and Pacific islands economies.

We are developing an innovation which makes OTEC much cheaper.  The main ‘new’ part is a pump.

We have created a product range which uses our innovation.  We can use it to put an end to the widespread use of fossil fuels.

Sea water air conditioning

Uses the cold water to cool buildings without using electricity.

A few working examples around the world.

Electricity is very expensive in Caribbean and Pacific islands.

Both OTEC and SWAC should be able to provide low cost energy solutions to these regions.

The problem

Traditionally, the cost of delivering the cold water for use in OTEC and SWAC is too high on a small scale.

OTEC and SWAC are both sources of 24-clean energy- OTEC produces electricity SWAC provides cooling.

Our innovation 

We use a pair of hoses and a water driven pump, rather than a pipe, to deliver cold water, from the deep sea -1000 m.

Traditionally pipes are used – the use of pipes, to date has failed to be economical. Planning costs, transport, assembly and installation are the main areas where pipes are failing.  Pipes are awkward to use in such long lengths.  There are hidden problems with the use of pipes, for example they naturally float.  This makes pricing an installation risky, thus high prices are inevitably charged.

Our pilot test showed there was no hidden problem with the use of hoses.  Hoses made from PVC coated polyester sink naturally.  They can be joined in sections.  The hose can bend.  The hose naturally moves into a favourable position. ETC ETC>  Pipes this size cost the Intercontinental bora bora – £5million.

We installed hoses very easily.  The choice of pump makes it possible to use hoses.  Hoses are installed with great simplicity.

This pump is not electric – it can easily be placed in water. The use of this pump where the waste cold sea water is used to drive a turbine is very efficient. It is efficient because the masses on both sides of the hose are balanced. Thus there is essentially no lifting of water.  This is just like two people of similar weight on a see-saw.  This pump also lets us put the waste sea water back to a part of the sea where it can cause no damage.


This small building lies at the heart of modern day oil and gas. An innovation in drilling methods ignited the industry.

Marketing news – ‘The difference is tangible!’

1 Month into working with our new marketing director (we did not have one before) and we have handfuls of interested customers.  Our primary customers at the moment are high end resorts in remote tropical locations such as the Caribbean.  They are paying what we expected thus they are as interested as we would have hoped, some of them have even tried traditional SWAC –  They are open to new solutions –  what’s more, we have the right people in place from lead generation all the way to underwater work to  heat exchanger design – it’s so exciting –  The most interesting thing which has happened is that the resorts use MW – not hundreds of kw – they are spending £millions on dirty energy –   Also a pleasure to see the technology coming into its own in that we can do all the resorts not just ones in ideal locations – also delightful to have assistance, about crucial information from a Professor in 30 minutes of asking – also delightful to know that solar PV is not always a solution for these resorts at all.

What a month!  We are absolutely thrilled.

We want to use your help to pay for development costs. 

We want to build a commercial scale pump which we can use to demonstrate and sell  to customers.

We have already been offered £5k by a Uk professor!

The work is guaranteed.  Such is the excellence of our innovation.

Our incentives

You can make a normal pledge, or take us up on a marketing offer.

You can lend us money, we offer fantastic returns, with a simple exit and clear idea of what you are going to get in return.

Alternatively, you can buy shares, we offer even better returns, however the price of ‘entry’ is much higher and exact return will be more opaque.

Buy shares or lending us money is an ongoing offer, there is no exact start and end date.

However we are hitting the streets and are going to build a mailing list.  We will contract groups of people in batches if they wish.

We will also incentivise making an immediate pledge.

We just launched –

Here you can lend us money and pay monthly – the same 1-32  returns are being offered.

Since our outreach to private resorts – the value of the resorts we have already interested is actually larger than the highest target of £16million net profit already!

Our Goal

The main goal on this site is a low cost working OTEC unit – a small step towards this goal and by far and away the most significant and meaningful is the completion of a commercial scale pump. Suitable for OTEC and SWAC.  The work we have planned is refundable.  We have also produced several proof of concepts using turbo compressors, which are similar not the same as our pump.  We need to have a proper pump designed now to provide more exact quantities of water efficiently.  We must do this in order to provide quantities of water as promised.

We don’t ask for charity but we do welcome it.  You are welcome to buy shares or lend us money – in other words we are happy to offer you a financial reward for your contribution.

Become a member to get discounts worth at least –  £1700 –

Please don’t leave if you are interested, but wary because of the lack of pledges.

You are welcome to contact us on the website through the blog or FAQ.  Please let us know you are interested.  We can contact you when we have more people interested.  You can contact us through the contact us link at the bottom of the page.  We are based in based in Hove, Sussex and are dropping flyers in the area at the moment.  (20.6.17).

Have a look at this PDF.

It shows the potential of the business with just one completed unit.

The completion of this unit is the main goal of this site.


On its own our unit looks like this.

Bill Gates and a dozen other billionaires have formed a company and are interested in OTEC. 

Bill Gates has formed a company with a dozen or so famous billionaires, to invest in green energy.

They are interested in OTEC.

They want to see innovation and low cost research.

That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Got to go? – you can make a quick pledge here –

Buy shares –

Lend us money –

Our pump uses, a turbine and a pump joined by a shaft. The picture shows, a turbine joined to a compressor by a shaft. To the casual observer there will be little difference.

It was an innovation in mining which made it possible for Standard to become the company it did.

Traditionally massive platforms are required to make OTEC cost effective.  The cost of these platforms has slowed OTEC development.  Over 50 % of the cost of traditional OTEC, is taken up by the offshore platform and pipe

Thanks to the low cost of hose based cold water delivery – we can confidently offer units on a small scale, which we know will be cost effective.

This company are happy to offer a refund on the design work.

Nothing that hasn’t been made before, we are not building anything new.  The design work is everyday mainstream science, hence the guarantee.


What’s completing this project going to do for us? 

We will produce an efficient pump, built to commercial standards and ready for sale.

The net effect would be that small scale NEW SWAC installations would be 100 % ready for sale with confidence.

This is not where it ends, not nearly – after this we move onto commercial scale OTEC using our innovation and we become a market leader in a £ trillion market place.

Revenues would be enough to produce working OTEC systems.

If we spend money, we can reclaim VAT and there is a 30% R and D rebate in the UK at the moment too.  We must spend money to reclaim it.

We have received very kind contributions of £5000 from Professor Salter, perhaps, one of the most experienced engineers in his field in the world and £5000 has been kindly lent by other shareholders.

Visit Step 2, to see what we propose to do next, which is to build a working OTEC unit.  The unit will use our innovation.  It will make history.  With a working pump we can show, resorts, utilities, governments and the local population that what we are offering is going to deliver…With a working unit, we can conquer the world.  We can put an end to the widespread use of fossil fuels.

Lend us money –


The pump to be designed will be the same as is disclosed in the following patent.

Patents granted in the UK can be extended to other countries overseas such as the Turks and Caicos Islands, Fiji and the Cayman Islands, for a full list please visit the intellectual property office website.

Cash prizes

Individuals who pledge over a specific size, will enter a raffle event, and entrants stand to gain a bonus cash prize – no purchase necessary.  Perform any 3 social media actions, send us screen shots and your name and will be put you on a list of eligible entrants – you must have a real account, and the financial target must be completed for any entrant to be eligible for additional prizes of any kind. 


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    How do you pick a prize winner?
    The winner will be chosen using a random number generator, from a list of eligible donors, each donors name will have a number, this can be done easily by putting the names on EXCELL where columns and row are numbered. This will easily be documented too, using screen shots. The more you bet the better the odds and don’t forget to share, follow us or retweet. We can only give away the prize if we reach our target.
    Higher cost pledges, shorten the odds. – this prize bonus fund could draw the interest of a larger range of people and therefore interest from a broader range of people interested in marketing on this platform.
    The more you introduce this platform to others, and get them pledging, the greater the likelihood of one of our marketing offers being taken, in which case the odds of winning the bonus cash prize improve, how exciting! The same is true of the free to enter entrants who must perform social media actions like share, like, retweet. When they do this, they will expose sponsoring brands to more people than those who are actively involved in the campaign, including the free entrant, thus the incentive to market here is great.


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