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Make more money than you have sense.

With this funding round we cover all our bases and are ready to sell SWAC, OTEC, LTTD, systems.

Unusually high capital gains quite possible. We are eligible for 30% R and D rebates and VAT rebates!

A functioning, very low cost OTEC system will change the world we live in.

Invest in a company which may sell verified £100 million OTEC systems for an investment of £30k.

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Presently we are offering cheap clean energy to high end luxury resorts and we’re close to filling an order book far faster than we ever thought possible!  The order book would be worth £ millions!

Who is in your order book?

Half a dozen high end remote luxury resorts and counting – Paying a fortune, (£ millions a year each,) for dirty energy – our solution is cheaper – they want it.  We are working on getting letters of intent.  Be warned we will be loathe to sell shares at the prices offered here if we get even 1 letter of intent.  If you want low prices you have got to take a risk now.

Who are you?

We are a new clean energy company –  We are supported by some of the best in the business.  We are offering users 24-7 clean energy with no fuel cost.  We have a patented method of making an old technology called OTEC, work better – in working better it costs less.

The OTEC resource is vast and untouched – OTEC is in range of all the big countries in the world – we stand to make a fortune –

Brochure – 2017

Our business plan is based around our innovation, a, ‘Submersible water driven pump’ and an ‘OTEC unit’.  Whereas we don’t doubt we can get the unit to work others may.  But the doubters don’t include, the US navy – the US government, the Emperor of Japan, Professor Salter, a former director of Rolls Royce R and D, anyone else who happens to know it is a fact that OTEC works.  You can look it up on Wikipedia.  With the unit installed we reach a point where one look at our webpage and it’s not possible to say ‘prove it’ anymore.  We would demonstrate that the business has ‘legs’ and that it is ‘bankable’ to hard nosed institutional investors. – we could borrow £100’s £millions  at will and sell units or electricity anywhere in the world where OTEC was possible and/or the utility willing to buy energy/units.


What we are proposing to do is not really all that new, or special.  There is a working ‘unit’ similar in size to ours in both Japan and Hawaii.  Part of the reason why OTEC is so exciting is that the technologies involved are not new at all.  Its like finding a new use for a bicycle, not a case of inventing an alternative to one.

Our unit will look just like this. New-otec is existing technology in a new application which is one of the main reasons why OTEC is so valuable.


Last year we valued the business at £50 million – 6 MW installed wholesale to break even @£137/ – with x 8 industry multiple –

Our ‘order book’ –  the no of contacted, interested resorts, who can certainly benefit from OTEC and SWAC is already comparable with this no. of MW.  Some of the resorts are using over 2 MW each!

There are a few boxes we want to tick and are offering great deals to investors and lenders to get this work completed.

A few share stakes are for sale at approximately 10 times less than this at the moment, we need cash you are welcome to take advantage.

Do you want to make an offer, please can you use the link just below, and let us know?


Considering the offers made here –

If we, RE systems ltd. generate:

Limited offer.

If you make a pledge, we agree to sell you the following offer.

If we, RE systems ltd. generate:

£550k net profit – we agree to pay you 1.1 x what you paid.

£600k net profit – we agree to pay you 1.2 x what you paid.

£700k net profit – we agree to pay you 1.5 x what you paid.

£1million net profit – we agree to pay you 2 x what you paid.

£2 million net profit – we agree to pay you 4 x what you paid.

£4 million net profit – we agree to pay you 8 x what you paid.

£8 million net profit – we agree to pay you 16 x what you paid.

£16 million net profit – we agree to pay you 32 x what you paid.

If we reach these targets, the company values would be at least 6 to 8 times higher because profit can be multiplied by industry multiples – 6 for retail and 8 for energy wholesale.  In fact company values are sometimes based on gross profit, so the company value would be higher than net profit x 8.

Not sure?  Afraid of missing out ?  Offer a small amount for the time being here –

Get on our mailing list.

Considering wholesale

So, if we reach £1 million net profit, the company value will be at least £8million –

1% would be worth £80,000! –

If we reach, £16million, the company value will be at least – £128 million!

1 % would be worth £1.2 million –

1% is on sale for £20,000 at the moment.

£1.2million from a £20,000 investment-!-?

We plan to install thousands of MW, doing so, is essentially our future duty.

Considering retail

We can sell 14 MW and make at least £100million profit, company value would be £600million!

Here are three, 14 MW systems – £1.8 Billion.

We can sell 14 MW systems for £100 million profit and still comfortably compete with energy prices in the Caribbean and Pacific islands – saving 75% on what they pay presently-

14 MW costs some Caribbean and Pacific islands, £420 million a decade.

To make £16million profit we probably only need to sell about 3 MW – the company value would be £96 million –

1 % may be worth £6million with one, 14 MW sale –

1 % may be worth, £900k, with only 3 MW sold –

1% is on sale for £20,000, at the moment –

The share prices on offer here are crazy!  We would love personally for some people to make a killing out of early stage investments in new-otec.  Please help yourself!

Got to go somewhere?   Lend us some petty cash and come back later if you are looking to make a serious investment –

Considering retail and wholesale combined.

If we sell one new-otec system retail – we may install at least 5 wholesale – in short combining the two may lead to phenomenal company growth with long term stability.

If these examples are raising questions, please explore our sites, which will answer these questions.  We have only recently completed very thorough research into the cost of OTEC units and production.  We have P and L, forecasts, too.

You can buy our plan and research here –

You can become a member and get low cost access to the work here –


If we’ve interested you, please can you use the link below to let us know?

Call us on – 0044 1273 500 246

Risk warning:

Investing in early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.  Our offers are targeted exclusively at sophisticated investors who understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.

Company assets

UK Patents granted – exclusive broad patents – The patent covers all cold-water applications, desalination, air conditioning.

GB patents extend to many Caribbean and Pacific Islands where OTEC is most suitable.

Patents pending in USA, India, Philippines, Australia…all of these are OTEC compatible.

We are supported by two of the most experienced engineers in the UK!

We have spent years studying OTEC and SWAC.

We are supported by several highly professional shareholders, including our marketing director who is successfully managing initial conversations with high end resort managers.


Debt = £5k – credit cards

£3k with US patent attorney

Obligations/ investments

Average of £3k per annum goes towards existing patent expenses.


Averaged – £12k per annum. – Last year mostly marketing and R and D – we got a £2.5k rebate in march –

Funding requirements   

£10k for the pump design and production

£200k for SWAC cost of sale – with customer –

£200k-£500k for the OTEC unit

R and D rebate

30% r and d rebate available

Vat rebates

Vat rebate as long as we are not trading.

Design work is in the UK so VAT refundable.

Most admin, marketing etc. in the UK so VAT refundable.



OTEC generates electricity using deep sea cold water and warm surface water.

Sea water air conditioning

Uses the cold water to cool buildings without using electricity.

Working examples around the world

The problem

The cost of delivering the cold water is too high now on a small scale.

No one will to invest in the scales required to make it economical – i.e. £1billion

Our innovation

Uses, hoses, rather than a pipe, to deliver cold water, from the deep sea -1000 m.

Traditionally pipes are used – the use of pipes, to date has failed to be economical.

We installed hoses very easily.

Afraid of missing out, but not ready to invest?

Help us out here and invest later –

or let us know your interested here.

We ready to sell this on a small scale to fancy resorts – in the Caribbean and Pacific + Maldives

The pump we use is not electric – the pump sucks in water because it is driven by a turbine.

So, we use two hoses rather than one.

One hose drives the turbine – the turbine drives the pump – the pump sucks in water- send it up a second hose.

This is exactly the same arrangement as our water driven pump. The picture shows a turbine and a compressor. Our invention uses a turbine and pump. Not quite the same things, but very nearly.

This, ‘system,’ is used all over, especially in mining, and in, deep sea oil and gas.

Our pilot test showed there were no hidden problems with the use of hoses.

You wouldn’t believe how much money hoses this size can save hotels if the cold water is used to replace air conditioning.

Pipes this size cost £5million to install.  They save the intercontinental Bora Bora £500k per annum.

We are installing the same sized hoses with two people, like children at the beach.

Our products are market leading. We have the only proven low cost approach.

Bill Gates’ – /Mark Zuckerberg – Breakthrough Ventures

Bill Gates and a dozen other billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson, formed a single company called Breakthrough ventures and are interested in this technology called OTEC to transform where we get energy from.

Risk warning:

Investing in early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.  Our offers are targeted exclusively at sophisticated investors who understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.

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