Lend us money – Capital at risk.

Who are you? 

  • We are a UK registered, clean energy company – we own a patented method of making an old technology called OTEC, work better – in working better it will cost less.
  • The OTEC resource is vast and untouched – OTEC can provide £-billions worth of electricity.  We stand to make a fortune –
  • You can too.  By lending us money.


You can visit our main site for a complete list of our main subcontractors.  Our subcontractors are the best we could find, they have impressive CV’s and portfolios of work.  They are quite possibly the best in their field of business.

What do you want?  

  • We are asking you to lend us money.  We offer high returns in return for a soft loan. 
  • With this offer you have a clear picture of the return you can make and when and how you can exit.  The returns and exit are fixed.  You can’t be diluted.
  • The method of entering and exiting is simple and straightforward.

About our early bird offer. 

  • Basically, if we do ok, lenders do ok. –
  • If we make a tonne of money, lenders make a tonne of money.
  • We have terms and conditions, and a company number, so our offer is legally binding once we send you the postcard-coupon. 

Limited offer.

If you make a pledge, you can buy into the following offer;

 If we generate:

  • £300k net profit – we’ll pay you 1.1 x what you paid.
  • £500k net profit – we’ll pay you 2 x what you paid.
  • £1 million net profit – we’ll pay you 4 x what you paid.
  • £1.5 million net profit – we’ll pay you 8 x what you paid.
  • £3million net profit – we’ll pay you 12 x what you paid. 

The terms are as follows.

  1. Lend us money –
  2. You receive the postcard coupon –
  3. Time passes – We make (£-X) profit –
  4. You return the coupon –
  5. You are paid your return you are due according to the offer.

How do I cash in?

  • Send us the card by post – (We would like to collect them and turn them into a piece of inspirational art celebrating this achievement at our future office.)
  • We pay you the return you are owed.  It’s that simple.
  • You can check our net. profit online (as we will keep you informed) or by checking or asking for our CT 600. – tax return.

What are you using the money for?

The funds will be used to successfully launch our new-otec and swac product range.  These products use a water driven pump and hoses to deliver deep sea cold water.

  • Working capital – 
  • Marketing –  including Green PR – 
  • Pump production – design work – Hardware –
  • Product launch services -.

We need a maximum of £500k to produce our bankable unit.  After that we are home free.  We will be able to mass produce our unit and bring a whole new industry to life.

Is there any special reason for doing this?

Yes, if we can get the crowd lending, we take the issue of cost out of the minds of very important customers.  We could offer no deposit leases for a while in order to entice end users.   This would improve the likelihood of a sale.

It would also –

  • Impress investors –
  • Create a chain reaction –
  • Encourage utilities to try our product – at least, if utilities know we have the funds in place we would have a good chance of reaching an agreement to sell them electricity.
  • The immediate availability of funds is a problem in the OTEC market at the moment.  Buyers including utilities may  see that there is no financial backing and therefore no point wasting time reaching agreements which will never be funded.

Inspire financial democracy for a good cause.

You are welcome to tell us what you want your funds spent on.  Would you like the website improved, would you like us to focus on technology?  What ever you think you can join in here.



What next?

We will try to raise £250k –

Rates – 1-1.1 min., to 1-10 max.

Terms – A lender of £250k would make £2.5million when we make £12.5 million net. profit



Help us build trust by documenting the first few transactions with us.  Do you have copywriting skills?  Do you have some free time?   If you can really help us, let us offer you a free pledge?