Crowdfund incentives

  1. Make a donation – Feel good – Support New-otec as you would Greenpeace or Friends of the earth – there are plenty of good reasons to support new-otec for philanthropic reasons.
  2. Gift – for example make a pledge and receive a mask and snorkel, or go on a diving trip … (?)  
  3. Cash prizes through viral contests – Submit an email or make a pledge and enter a cash prize or prize draw – no purchase necessary – thus legal and not a lottery according to UK laws.
  4. Marketing – get promoted to a growing following or book space next to our first working unit or offshore platform.
  5. Success based crowd lending – Make a pledge – as our profits increase yours can too.
  6. Normal crowd lending – i.e. 10 % p.a. Roi. for lender.   New-otec may be able to provide higher returns than other green energy sources.
  7. Buy shares – Buy shares as ‘the crowd’. – Buy shares in our company.

If you have any ideas or work within a firm who could offer something along with us please get in touch,

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