How does OTEC work?

This is a CAD sketch of a single working unit – it shows all of the main functions within an OTEC unit.


The unit runs on the pressure difference created by warming and cooling a working fluid in a closed system. When the working fluid is heated it gains pressure because it gains volume.   When the working fluid is cooled it loses pressure because it loses volume. There is a dramatic difference between the volume of the working fluid as liquid and working fluid as gas. Thus, the system is really quite powerful. Since the sea water is only very warm, not boiling or thousands of degrees it is not as powerful as conventional power generation but the power density remains far greater than both solar and wind power.  The change in pressure make it possible to drive a turbine which drives a generator.   Changes in pressure due to warming and cooling is what makes wind possible.   OTEC is like a wind turbine in a box.  With a clever use of working fluid such as ammonia it is possible to create ideal conditions in the box making it more powerful than natural sources of ‘wind’.


The cutaway CAD sketch shows a basic illustration of an offshore modular OTEC platform. A modular platform comprises a group of OTEC units, and a common source of warm and cold sea water.

Groups of these modular platforms can be placed together.  These are can be tailored in size to suit the end user.  They can be very powerful, maybe even as much as 4 times the gross output of the largest offshore wind turbines in the world.  We want the crowd to help us to make these green energy power houses a reality.  The various way people can help and the offers we have are laid out on this site.

Contact us on the form below if you have any questions, if you want to support us or use ocean thermal energy.

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