‘Bankable’ OTEC

We plan to build the first, low cost, small scale, OTEC system.

The funds raised will purchase the equipment shown below.







What is this project going to achieve?  

 We plan to use hoses and our patented pump method to lower the cost of OTEC.  We have demonstrated that it is basically obvious that the use of hoses is cheap and simple.  We will prove that the new-otec unit is suitable for small scale operations.  Remote locations around the world will be able to use OTEC to lower energy expenses, and end dependence on fossil fuel import.  OTEC is clean, renewable, and green.

For those in the Caribbean and Pacific this is a chance for you to ensure that you make new-otec happen for your selves.  If it does you can save 75% + on your energy expenses, as much as 90%! 

For the rest of the world, since OTEC  is in range of every country through long range transmission, you can ensure that we create a powerful alternative to wind, and solar power.  The production rate, and daily output of these systems is modest compared with the potential of OTEC.

OTEC works off the coast of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, India, the USA, Australasia, and the Americas. 

NEW-OTEC lacks the obvious snags of other green technologies, the size, and cost of the parts are the most obvious advantages.

Due to the nature of the technology, OTEC would be ready for mass production with the completion of this unit.

A bankable unit could be sold / installed en-mass throughout the world. 

Our large scale offshore unit, is little more than a large number of these single units.   Why?  Because they are easy to produce, transport, and install.

In no time OTEC would be being installed at a rate competitive with wind turbines, decreasing fossil fuel usage, faster than presently anticipated, and for a much lower cost.

Something for everyone, from individuals to large corporations, we can offer something, whether it is a capital gain or a great marketing opportunity. 

You can contact us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

Can you help us out? 

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