Our unit will look just like this. It’s old technology in a new application. The only significant difference is the source of the warm and cold media required to make the system operate.

We want to build the first, low cost, small scale, OTEC system. 

The unit will look just like the yellow skid mounted heat exchangers, above.

Please notice these units are small and powerful.  Also note they are mainstream industrial systems.

Often clean energy is abstract even to engineers, this is the great strong point of OTEC.  Practically all engineers have take courses which can be directly applied to the design of OTEC.  At a glance OTEC design work is NOT an elite or abstract exercise.

You can find out who we are here.


This unit is going to produce 180 kw of electricity.  That would produce £180k per annum at £137 per MW/hr with 90% operation.

That is 75% less than present Caribbean energy prices.

200 kw is costing areas in the Caribbean £600,000 a year.  Our unit provides 100 % ROI. in 1 year.

The same unit is the unit described here –


OTEC design is mainstream science.  Much of the design theory is basic degree level engineering.  The design work is easy.

This project can be subdivided into two sections – 1. Design and testing in the UK – 2. Deployment in the Caribbean.

The second part may take place with the cooperation of a customers- alternatively we could build the unit on our own land and sell electricity to the grid.  At the moment it looks like there is a reasonable chance we could do this with customers, which would be much cheaper.  We apologise of the uncertainty here.  Think, about this normally, we obviously get the support of a utility and we plug our system into the grid, we have begun outreach.  In reality there is some uncertainty as to where if anywhere we need to install the demo unit.  Perhaps we need to have a working unit tested before a utility can really agree to take our energy.  By the way, there are testing facilities in Hawaii for the OTEC unit.  What we really need to demonstrate to the OTEC world is the pump and hoses.  There is no need to demonstrate that OTEC works to the ‘OTEC world.’

We want to use the crowd to remove the risk to our first customer.  We want to develop this technology quickly.

The first customer could be a fancy hotel, a government building, or a utility.  We have already interested allot of them.  We are working on getting letters of intent.

Make a quick pledge here – https://www.gofundme.com/transform-economies

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On a calm day hoses are very easy to install.  The great thing about the hoses, is the simple fact that they can be rolled up. The rolls take up much less room than long lengths of rigid pipe.

We are building a mailing list of people to finish this project.

Please contact us if you are willing to be contacted when this project starts.


Our innovation

Uses, hoses, rather than a pipe, to deliver cold water, from the deep sea -1000 m.

Traditionally pipes are used – the use of pipes, to date has failed to be economical.

We installed hoses very easily.

We ready to sell this on a small scale to fancy resorts – in the Caribbean and Pacific + Maldives

The pump we use is not electric – the pump sucks in water because it is driven by a turbine.

So, we use two hoses rather than one.

One hose drives the turbine – the turbine drives the pump – the pump sucks in water- send it up a second hose.


Our pump will be immediately ready for mass production.

This, ‘system,’ is used all over, especially in mining, and in, deep sea oil and gas.

OTEC can resolve the worlds energy problems because of the size of the resource and the ease with which it can be produced and transported.

There are now many small scale OTEC systems operating around the world.

The new delivery method is going to make it a viable product for sale in a competitive market.

Small scale pipes are not cost effective on a small scale.  The installation process is much more complicated.

It is only the cost of the pipe which is ruining the cost of OTEC.

One 3km, 30 cm diameter pipe cost £5 million to install, a 180-kw system would probably require 3.  That’s the problem at the moment.

We installed a 50 meters of 30 cm hose in seconds.  It would take us 10 minutes to unreel the whole thing.  The installation of one pipe took months.

Make a quick pledge here – https://www.gofundme.com/transform-economies

Buy shares – http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/buy-shares/

Lend us money – http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/lend-us-money-monthly-subscriptions/

What is this project going to achieve? 

For those in the Caribbean and Pacific this is a chance for you to ensure that you make new-otec happen, if it does you can save 75% + on your energy expenses, as much as 90%!

The whole of the rest of the world is in range of OTEC.

If you want to help us, please leave us your email address and we will be in touch when we launch.


One day these could be OTEC systems. Low cost electricity and drinking water.

What are we going to do? 

We are going to produce a working 180 kw OTEC system and test it in an OTEC country.  With any luck, we will connect the unit to the grid or sell it to a resort or Utility –  

Here are some example costs of guaranteed refundable work, for which we could produce receipts, reclaim the VAT. and benefit from a 30% r and d rebate.

Step 1 – design and testing – £170,000 – 30 % r and d rebate and VAT rebate eligible.

£20,000 – turbine design – PCA engineers

£10,000 – turbine casing – Infinity Turbine

Assumed general consulting total – Oswald – £60,000

Turbine – hardware – £5000

Heat exchangers – Infinity Turbine or Oswald –  £50,00

Alternator and inverter – £25,000 – Off the shelf –

This work is so easy in the hands of the right professionals.  Like a GP. taking GCSE biology.

Stage 2 – Real site installation – 30 % r and d rebate and VAT rebate eligible. £150,000 – £240,000

Land – £60,000 – £150,000 –

General – Boat – labour-groundworks etc.- Sea Tech –  £50,000 – Marine engineering services – Sea Tech –  £550- £1250 per day.

Hoses – £ 15 per meter – 6 km required – £90k + import export duty and freight- £100 per m3. – This cost can be reduced by making our own hoses.  This costing is for off the shelf 30 mm hoses we would really want to use 600 mm hoses – 600mm hoses can be produced using a £5000 Leister welder to form hoses using PVC coated polyester.


Just one pair of 60 cm hoses and our pump and you have a 180 kw OTEC system. 24-7 zero fuel cost.

Just one pair of hoses twice this width for 200 kw – 200 people. Comparable with 5 acers of solar PV.

‘Bankable’ OTEC units suitable for mass production, bank loans and VC investments.

This is our main short term goal for crowdfunding.  When we reach, this level, we have 100% bankability and the technology will be eligible for VC and Bank funding.  This development will lead also to equity crowdfunds.  It you get on the mailing list you will be the first in line. 

Crowdfund us to ensure OTEC will provide low cost green energy, on utility scale around the world.

NEW-OTEC lack the obvious snags of other green technologies, this is reflected in the cost of the parts.

Due to the nature of the technology OTEC would be ready for mass production with the completion of this unit.

A bankable unit could be sold / installed en-mass throughout the world.

In no time OTEC would be being installed at a rate competitive with wind turbines, decreasing fossil fuel usage, faster than presently anticipated and for a much lower cost.

Something for everyone, from individuals to large corporations, we offer something valuable in return.


The working cassette can be incorporated into large scale modular OTEC systems. Small easy to build with low cost parts. These systems would make significant reductions in continental fossil fuel usage.  Perhaps with little to no background investment – in factories for example.

The holy grail of green energy – Green chips with no fuel cost…

Short-term incentives for you.

Fantastic Corporate marketing opportunities

Cash prize incentive to all pledges over £50 – no purchase necessary and free entry with social media actions.

Cash prize incentives for pledgers and followers, no purchase necessary.  Free entry for twitter followers, retweets, and Facebook likers and sharers – perform 9 social media actions, send us the screen shots and your name will be put on the list of eligible entrants – you must have a real account, and the financial target must be completed for a prize draw to occur.

If you want to know more about the incentive please get in touch.


Show the world you are interested, make a pledge and the value of the project increases beyond the value of your investment.

With your support this site and our social media become a place of value to other people including companies…

We have great marketing offers for higher pledges which will suit companies, these higher pledges improve the chances for others to win the prize, making these popular, which is great advertising!

Whether you are an individual, a small or a large company we can offer you something in return.

With one unit tested and proven we can use them just like this, in massive modular systems, suitable for continental quantities of electricity production.


 Make a quick pledge here – https://www.gofundme.com/transform-economies

Buy shares – http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/buy-shares/

Lend us money – http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/lend-us-money/

To make this fund more exciting we’re willing to offer a hefty cash prize.

We are offering a £4k cash prize to one lucky person – depending on how things go we may offer more cash prizes.

All pledges under £50 are not eligible for entry – however all pledges under £50 improve the odds for all pledges over £50.

This means that small pledges are most welcome as they encourage bigger pledges.

The more pledges we get under £50 the more interesting it will be to pledge over £50.

As the fund gets moving this page will be an interesting place to advertise – Advertising incentives will improve the odds of winning – as they cost much more than £50.

Our most expensive ad. costs £40,000 – we are going to put a company logo on our offshore OTEC system – it will look great – this offer may suit big companies with big marketing budgets – for example – British Airways or a Utility such as Engie.

If we get customers or investment, we may be able to drop the funding required – improving the chances of winning.

All this plus normal incentives, the main theme of the incentives here is traditional ‘bill-board’ advertising next the ground breaking, completed, NEW-OTEC system, – showcased on-line, – Keep the promotional photos for your own sites and blogs.

There is a free to enter route into the prize –  perform 9 social media actions and send us the screen shots.

We reserve the right to cancel the offer and would offer a refund if we did.  We can’t offer a prize if we don’t haven’t had any pledges.

Make a quick pledge here – https://www.gofundme.com/transform-economies

Buy shares – http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/buy-shares/

Lend us money – http://www.crowdfundnewotec.com/projects/lend-us-money/

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You can make £320 per month for every £10 per month pledged.

Thanks for reading – contact us here if you would like to be informed of the launch of this project.  http://newotec.resystems.co/contact.php