24–7 clean energy – Zero fuel cost – Ready for mass production.

NEW-OTEC is great, innovative, cleantech.

Thank you for visiting our crowdfunding site! Can you spare £10 to £50 to help us fight climate change? If so we can make it worth your while financially with up to 12 times your investment returns.

This site is dedicated to bringing new-otec to market. There is no better technology to resolve mankind's energy issues. With your help, we will put an end to the widespread use of fossil fuels, give rise to a host of clean-tech industries, and transform many isolated economies, dependent on fossil fuels.

We have demonstrated that a pair of hoses, and a turbine driven pump are much easier to use than awkward, rigid pipes. For the first time, ocean thermal energy developments can be competitive with other sources of energy on a small scale, where investment is not only feasible, but competitive, and likely.

We are on the verge of creating a new clean-tech industry, which could rapidly transform our world. We are offering you the opportunity to make this happen, even profit from it!

We are presently running pre-launch viral giveaways and looking for product testers of our loan offer to help us build confidence. If you become a product tester you get a free pledge worth up to £120.

OTEC is a top choice for the change to clean energy...

  • 24-7 operation - proven technology.

  • No fuel cost - mass produced parts.